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Want a book that keeps you up all night on the edge of your seat, turning the pages and burning the midnight oil? A book that touches your heart, that brings you to tears of joy or sadness, that makes you laugh --- and that, like the wonderful fairytales you read as a child, sweeps you away on a thrilling, incomparable journey of adventure, danger, excitement, and once-in-a-lifetime romance? A book you'll remember long after you've finished reading it and closed the cover?

Then you've come to the right place! Here, you'll find hard-to-put-down books that run the gamut of mainstream and popular fiction --- everything from contemporary, small-town hopes and struggles to the shocking scandals and secrets of high society, from bitter Highland feuds in the Medieval Ages to lethal, high-noon shootouts in the Old West, from vampiric trysts in dark Gothic towers to outlander rendezvous on faraway planets....

Glitz and glamour, passion and heartbreak, love and fantasy, mystery and suspense, arcana and esoterica...Rebecca brings all this to you, and more, in original, entertaining, thought-provoking, well-written novels and novellas highly acclaimed by discriminating readers and reviewers alike worldwide.

"Rebecca Brandewyne is one of the
ten best authors of historical romance."
---Affaire de Coeur


Look for Rebecca's forthcoming novel in December 2006!


Amid a London enthralled by its Great Exhibition, Rose and Hugo are inexorably pulled back into the exotic India of their childhood, as their past comes unimaginably alive. Caught in a web of deceit and intrigue, they must unravel the wicked plot that will threaten a monarchy --- and their own hearts!

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"Fast-paced, rooted in solid period details and supported by a fine cast of secondary characters --- especially the scrappy street urchins who come to Rose's aid --- Brandewyne's latest is another winning romp."

---Publishers Weekly on The Crystal Rose

"Rebecca Brandewyne is a master storyteller!"
---Beverly Hills Courier


Read about and/or order Rebecca's last novel!


Ariana and Malcolm are fated to meet and to fall passionately in love. But will their desperate search for the ninefold key that will unlock the deadly hidden secrets of their past set them free to embark upon a joyous new life together --- or utterly destroy them both?

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"Brandewyne appeals to the readership of Across a Starlit Sea with a lush novel brimming with rich historical details and written in the grand tradition of the Victorian gothic, complete with a huge cast of characters, a stolen gem, a curse, a mystery and a love story. More engrossing mystery than pure romance, it unfolds slowly, luring the reader in as each character is brought into this carefully constructed and intriguing tale (à la Dickens) that will captivate gothic fans."

---Kathe Robin, for Romantic Times, on The Ninefold Key

"Rebecca Brandewyne's books are an integral part
of any true romance aficionado's book collection."
---CompuServe Romance Reviews


Read about and/or order Rebecca's previous novel!


As England and France teeter precariously on the brink of war, Verity and Jago embark upon a deadly game of cat and mouse, descending into a shadowy world of deceit, apparitions, highway robbery, espionage, and murder. Will they and their love survive?

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"Fans of the classics definitely do not want to miss The Love Knot by Rebecca Brandewyne....The Love Knot is full of love, mystery, and intrigue and comes to a dramatic climax. I have been a Rebecca Brandewyne fan since I picked up The Outlaw Hearts and Love, Cherish Me years ago. The Love Knot has earned its place with the other Brandewyne novels that I have on my keeper shelf."

---Dawn Myers, for Writers Unlimited, on The Love Knot

"Rebecca Brandewyne is...a...powerhouse
in the romantic novel industry."
---Houston Chronicle


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(in Love is Murder anthology)

The police believe Lily's covering up for her husband! In the beginning, she had wanted only to salvage her marriage. But now, she must not only find a way to rekindle the old flames between her and Paul, but also to prove he's innocent of murder!

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"5-Stars! Brandewyne's story stars Paul and Lily Clothier, a couple about to call it quits when he becomes the main suspect in the murder of Freddie Fontaine. Now they must rely on each other to solve the murder and their marital problems....I enjoyed all three stories and for the price of one book you can't beat this offer. You'll enjoy reading this one on a cold winter night or you can save it for the beach."

---S. Gould, Amazon.com Top-1000 Reviewer, on Love is Murder

"Rebecca Brandewyne could be the heroine
of her own historical romance novel."
---Kansas City Star


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The Fortune family's powerful matriarch proposes that her top chemist, Russian Nick Valkov, wed her granddaughter Caroline, so he won't be deported. But Caroline's already been burned by a man, so how can she agree to marry --- especially when the prospective groom is a complete stranger?

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"Rebecca Brandewyne gives readers their first taste of the newest series this month, and gives many wonderful teasers for the stories to come....Hired Husband does a wonderful job of introducing many of the members of the Fortune family, and will leave readers waiting for the next installment."

---Romantic Times on Hired Husband

"Among the Updikes and Bellows of the
[romance] genre are...Rebecca Brandewyne."


See a complete list of Rebecca's titles!


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"Like fine wines, some writers seem to get
better and better, and Rebecca Brandewyne
belongs to this vintage group."
---Romantic Times

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