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Whenever you are purchasing books, CDs, and/or other creative works, please remember that under current copyright law, authors, musicians, and other creative artists earn no royalties whatsoever from the sales of used works. Nor are such sales taken into account and credited for any reason(s) to creative artists by their publishers, record labels, or other production companies.

Why is this last so important? Because it means far fewer opportunities for new authors, musicians, and other creative artists to sell their work; far fewer opportunities for the books, CDs, and other works of established creative artists to be produced in sufficient, much less significant, numbers; and a gradual closing up of entire markets.

Contrary to what you may believe, used creative works are not like other used goods. When you buy a used book, for example, you receive the exact same original story you would have got had you bought the book new (the actual book itself is simply the medium by which the story is delivered to you, just as the Internet is the medium for delivery of websites). In other words, unless a used book is missing several chapters, its story has not declined in value in any way from its original state --- quite unlike a used car, for instance, which has invariably depreciated from its brand-new condition.

Annual used-book sales now constitute a multibillion-dollar industry. Yes, you read that right: multibillion. Yet, in sharp contrast, the annual writing income of many authors is below poverty level, and despite the fact that they and their publishers created the books being sold used, neither the authors nor their publishers receive any financial compensation for such sales. For more on how used-book sales directly affect all authors, see Novelists, Inc.'s Position Paper.

All creative artists endeavor extensively to bring you endless hours of enjoyment through their works. It's how they earn their livings --- and for many, it's their only source of income. Please support all their hard efforts. Thank you!

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